Cannabis Infusion Technology

Biosol Cannaceuticals is a California based biotech company focused on developing science based cannabis technologies. Our innovation team is led by a highly successful scientist with over 30 years experience formulating some of the most well known beverage brands in the world. We collaborate through an extensive network of resources that include experts in the fields of science, chemistry, nutrition, flavoring, culinary,  cannabis, nanotechnology and pharmacokinetics to advance our cannabinoid science for the entire cannabis industry. 

We strive to remain an industry pioneer by continuously improving our formula and introducing into products in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and functional food arenas.



BiosolRX is an advanced delivery system developed to enhance oral bioavailability and amplify the effects of cannabinoid compounds. We integrate a synergistic matrix of multi-functional ingredients to overcome the absorption, taste and stability challenges for the beverage industry. 

Our base formulation was developed to maintain optical clarity of pure water after infusing 10mgs of CBD into 500ml. This allows our team the framework to increase potency for brands with added flavor and color profiles.


Science Based

Science backed formulation, proven technologies, experienced chemist.

Development is led by our in house chemist with over 30 years formulating some of today's top beverages. 

Clear Aesthetics

Nanoparticles dispersed into water, oil in water formula, water soluble CBD solution.

Water compatible nanoparticles are dispersed consistently and create a translucent finished product. 

Zero Taste

Proprietary formula to overcome bitterness of CBD, naturally flavored, clean label, bitter blockers.

CBD bitterness is masked using all natural flavoring and bitter antagonists for a clean taste delivered in pure water.


Excipients that increase bioavailability, enhanced solubility, comparable ingredients.

Several strategies were implemented in the development process to enhanced solubility and increased bioavailability. 

Shelf Stable

Clear and stable emulsion, shelf stable solution, consistent liquid formula.

Compatible ingredients backed by science were integrated into a high tech emulsion process to assure consistent solution and extended shelf life.

Clean Label

Clean label ingredients, GRAS, FDA standards, consumer health trends, functional ingredients.

All ingredients were carefully selected to have GRAS status, adhering to consumer health trends and simplifying final product formulations.

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